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Suitable for any type of rounds tinplate ends and aerosol tops and domes or twist caps etc…
The ends are feed through to infeed hoppers, with an electronic maximum and minimum stack height control, by means of 4
separator cam-rollers, electronically driven, avoiding any damage to the ends and sliding perfectly plain to the alternative movement sliding bars. The rotational speed of the chucks is controlled by inverter, and independent of the speed of the bars.

  Suitable for the application of water or solvent based compound.
  Tinplate and special version for aluminium.
  Sliding plate in hardened and chromed steel avoiding damage to ends.
  Mechanical movements in oil bath.
  Suitable to install any brand of, electroneumatic, or electromagnetic guns
  Transmission to the oven by means of servomotor in absolute SSI encoder.
  Four rods in carbide to keep the ends guided to the 3 cam-rollers.
Total accessibility for format changeover or for maintenance due to a lever assisted by pneumatic pistons that raises smoothly the whole group.
  High repeatability & constancy of compound distribution..
  Double end detector by a low voltage short circuit system.
  Detection of inverted ends by a fibre-optic vision system.
  Higher outputs and efficiencies than similar systems available in the market.
  With the latest electronics including servomotors and profibus.

Single Compound Liner LRS 180

Double Compound Liner LRD 105
  Max. Diameter.
180 mm
105 mm
  Max. Output
 400 tpm*

         * Depending on the diameter of the end.