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  The twist caps forming units MF6 and MF8 consist of a lower driven vertical bridge press lower driven, synchronized with two indexing rotary tables.(Ferguson)  
MF8 / MF6

The twist caps forming unit SUPERCAP consist of a vertical “o” frame press, upper driven, where the caps are fed by a belt conveyor system.

The tooling design is the same in all of our twist cap units.
The tools work in a vertical position and have a very solid base construction.


The calibration is made by die (without rollers), which produces a cap with uniform dimensions.

The equipment may work either standard tinplate, double-reduced tinplate (DR), or tin-free steel (TFS).


 The common WORKING STATIONS in all the units MF6, MF8 AND SUPERCAP


The units have five working stations: three for the mechanical cap forming and the other two for compound application and centrifugation.

1º Station: Calibration and Pre-curling.
This station by means of a die corrects the earings from the shell cupping process and starts to curl the cup.

2º Station: Pre-curling.
Further curling, started in the previous station, continues by means of a die.

3º Station: Curling and Lug forming.
Through an axial pressure, the curling and lugs are formed.

4º Station: Lining.
By programming the weight of the compound, number of turns and the rotation speed the compound is applied.

5º Station: Centrifugation.
It rotates in opposite direction with respect to the previous station to break the tendency of compound to flow in the same direction and give a better distribution of material with less compound.